Vanguard Zombies leak reveals weapons and map

As Vanguard players keep asking for new content for Zombies, a leak revealed the upcoming arrival of a new map and 2 new weapons.

Zombies fans have been pretty disappointed with how things have gone so far on Vanguard. On several occasions, they criticized the state of the game and the little effort Treyarch put into this mode.

The community has been asking for new maps, weapons, easter eggs, and other items to bring the mode back to its roots for quite some time without results.

Luckily, Season 2 may well improve the situation. Indeed, a new leak has suggested that a new map as well as weapons may be coming soon.

New weapons and a map for Vanguard’s Zombies mode?

In a tweet, a Call of Duty dataminer shared the information he had unearthed in the Vanguard Season 2 files, revealing that exciting new things were soon to be in Zombies.

In all likelihood, a new map could land soon, at least according to the “New map: xp_zm_skorpion”, which fans hope will be different from Der Anfang. However, just below we find the mention of “Map Areas”, so it could be a copy of Der Anfang with different areas.

That’s not all, the files also mention 2 weapons: “Raygun/Coolgun Wonder Weapon” and “Shield Wonder Weapon”.


The Raygun may soon make a comeback.

The famous Raygun from Zombies could make a comeback when Season 2 kicks off, although it could be a different version of the weapon since it was called “Coolgun”.

As for the shield, it would be a reference to an in-game voice line after completing certain objectives on Der Anfang.

As no previews have been leaked or found for these weapons as well as the map, players will have to use their imaginations until they are officially unveiled.

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