VapoWesp: BRIGITTE tests the anti-wasp miracle drug from “The Lion’s Den”

“The Lion’s Den”
“VapoWesp”: How effective is the home remedy against annoying wasps?

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Anyone who shares their balcony or terrace with cheeky wasps every summer should listen more closely to the current season of “The Lion’s Den”. “VapoWesp” is supposed to throw the buzzing insects into the air – in a natural way. Can the product convince our BRIGITTE author?

With the wasps it’s like hay fever. You look forward to summer temperatures, flowering trees and relaxed barbecue evenings on the balcony and look forward to them with anticipation. When the time comes, however, your eyes start to water, your nose starts to run and the wasps settle down on the well-deserved grilled food. Without being invited. Special candles with citronella are not effective and the wasps don’t seem to be deterred by not using perfume.

Nature has not only given me allergic reactions to all kinds of tree and flower pollen, but also to wasp stings my body works disproportionately hard. That’s why you rarely find me at the dining table at barbecue parties, but most of the time running around wildly in the garden to shake off a wasp that probably has never heard of the famous 1.5 meter distance.

“VapoWesp” from “The Lion’s Den”: keeping wasps away naturally

We cannot claim nature for ourselves, we share it with every creature that crosses our path. I would never kill a wasp just because it wants to help itself from my plate. But I would wish for a little more quiet while eating.

“VapoWasp” promises Keep wasps away naturally and protect yourself from stings (and flying dinner guests). The founder duo of mother and daughter has one for that smoker box and three different herb and flower mixtures brought to life. In the smoker box coffee powder together with the self-developed VapoPowder mixed and lit. The mixture is intended to signal danger to the wasps so that they retreat. A slider controls the intensity of the smoke.

“VapoWesp” in the test

The smoking box is easy to assemble and consists of one bamboo wooden boxone lidone stainless steel bowl and one Attachment with slider. All components make one quality impression and are completely plastic-free. Likewise the packaging and the jute bag for storage.

In order to get the box to smoke, coffee powder and the VapoPowder are placed in the 2:1 ratio mixed in the stainless steel bowl and then ignited with a stick lighter or a long match. The smoke sets in relatively quickly. The lid can then be put on with the slider.

VapoWesp: Product with coffee powder and herbal mixture

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Two teaspoons of ground coffee and one teaspoon VapoPowder must glow for an hour and drive wasps away with their smoke. A stick lighter is recommended for lighting. It takes a moment for the materials to start glowing. It is also advisable to ignite in several places.

  1. Odor: I have this for the test VapoPowder “Orange & Rosemary” used. The mixture exudes a pleasant and non-pungent odor as soon as it is opened. Even during the meal, I did not find the smell of smoke unpleasant.
  2. Handling: All parts are easy to put together. The anti-slip coating on the floor is particularly advantageous, since painted garden furniture is often very slippery. The smoking box stands firmly on all materials and the smoke regulator is also easy to use.
  3. Security: Since the built-in stainless steel components get very hot, the box should not get into the hands of children. However, the slider is safe and not sensitive to heat, so it can still be touched easily even after a long time of burning. After use, you should let all parts cool down well.
  4. coffee powder: Unfortunately, my first attempt to make the mixture glow with dried coffee grounds failed. You should buy commercially available coffee powder for use, as coffee grounds from a coffee machine still contain too much moisture even after drying and cannot be ignited.
  5. wind conditions: The embers go out relatively quickly in the wind, so it is advisable to place the box in a windless place.
VapoWasp: Smoke rises from the container

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The “VapoWesp” smoker box is a very nice product, which can be easily integrated into any balcony or terrace design. All parts are easy to clean and can be removed after use and cooling down store in a pouch provided. But now to the most important question: Does the smoke drive away the wasps? Yes. I was able to enjoy my lunch undisturbed on the balcony. Wasps that lingered nearby turned back very quickly. For me, the “VapoWesp” smoker box is indispensable in summer from now on. Depending on the aggressiveness and number of wasps, the intensity of the smoke can be easily adjusted using the regulator. A little tip: The best way to light the mixture is with a stick lighter. Matches burn too quickly and never reach the ground.

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