Vaxx to Survive: Netflix keeps camera on Djokovic drama

Vaxx to Survive
Netflix keeps camera on Djokovic drama

A protagonist who has a big dream. Who risks everything in the midst of a pandemic. Finding a way to an island at the other end of the world. He stumbles, gets up, remains in danger. Not bad material for a documentary, agrees with Netflix.

That was almost to be expected. The Novak Djokovic saga will soon be available on Netflix. At least that’s what the English daily newspaper “Daily Mail” reports. So there are said to have been plans to shoot a multi-part series about the tennis tour before the, in the best case, unfortunate entry of the Serbian tennis star. The chaos surrounding the falling hero naturally played into the hands of the Netflix team.

The most complicated task for the crew is probably the compression and simplification of the countless narrative strands of the saga: the big dream of the 21st Grand Slam title, the pandemic, the rebellion against the corona vaccination, the questioning by the Australian Border Force , the stay in the deportation hotel, the first court case – which ends with the liberation of the star – the riots in front of the hotel, the anger of other tennis players, the appearances of his family in distant Serbia, the revelations about his corona infection – which hardly give any answers , but only raise more questions – and the return to the training ground are only the most obvious building blocks of a complex structure that not even Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has been able to penetrate.

decision at night?

Hawke is the one who decides whether the world number one, compared to Jesus by his family, will take part. On Friday, things could get moving just a few days before the start of the Australian Open. However, an end would not even be in sight if Hawke Djokovic withdraws his visa again. Australian media reports that the Serb’s legal team has prepared for all eventualities to allow Djokovic to participate in the Australian Open. What a wonderful drama that, in addition to a documentary, will certainly also produce some books and films in the next few years.

The Netflix documentary will be produced by James Gay Reese, producer of the incredibly successful long-running F1 documentary Drive To Survive, according to the Daily Mail. The team should already be in Australia and will accompany the tour for a whole season. Even before the Djokovic saga, British tennis star Andy Murray had made positive comments about a documentary based on “Drive To Survive”. “I saw a few episodes myself, I liked it and something like that would be really good for tennis,” he told Eurosport.

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