Vegan diet: Many pregnant women underestimate the risk


Pregnant women who are vegan must take care that their child is well cared for. CDU politicians therefore demand mandatory dietary advice.

Eating vegan is in vogue. Many people completely abstain from animal products for ethical reasons. So far, so green.

However, it gets tricky when vegans get pregnant. Very few then suddenly want to take back animal products. However, their diet can result in the unborn child not getting all the nutrients it needs. In the worst case, the deficiency can even lead to permanent physical damage.

Consequences are underestimated

Many women are unaware of this danger. The CDU member of parliament Gitta Connemann demands that all pregnant women should get a mandatory nutritional advice. “The CDU will not tell pregnant women or young parents what to eat and when to eat, but pregnant women and young parents need to know that choosing a personal nutritional style can pose a risk to the health of unborn and young children,” says Connemann On-line.

The consultation could, for example, be part of the usual check-ups at the doctor or midwife.

The German Society for Paediatrics and Youth also sees the vegan diet for pregnant women as very critical. The guidebook of the expert network “Healthy in life – Network Young Family even explicitly warned to eat vegan during pregnancy:

“With a purely vegetable (vegan) diet, a sufficient nutrient supply during pregnancy is not possible even with careful food selection.” A vegan diet carries serious health risks – especially for the development of the child’s nervous system. “

What are the consequences of the vegan diet?

Eliminating animal products can lead to a lack of protein, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, iodine, zinc, vitamin B2, vitamin B12 and vitamin D – both in the child and the expectant mother ,
According to the nutrition experts, a lack of vitamin B12, which is found in meat, fish and eggs, is risky. “The vitamin B12 deficiency that has occurred after several years of vegan nutrition can lead to severe and permanent damage to the child’s nervous system during pregnancy,” states the guidebook.

What should pregnant vegans do?

The pediatricians recommend as CDU politicians Connemann qualified dietary advice. Because: to avoid the lack of nutrients by plant food alone is very difficult. Pregnant vegans should therefore definitely take certain supplements.