Verena Altenberger: “A festival premiere is a gift”

Verena Altenberger
“A festival premiere is a gift”

The “Polizeiruf 110: Until midnight” with Verena Altenberger as investigator Elisabeth “Bessie” Eyckhoff premiered on Friday at the Munich Film Festival.

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The “Polizeiruf 110” premiere at the Munich Film Festival was a good exercise for leading actress Verena Altenberger.

The new “Polizeiruf 110: Until midnight” from Munich celebrated its premiere on Friday (July 2nd) at the Munich Film Festival in the Kino am Olympiasee. Main actress Verena Altenberger (33) was also there. Since 2018 she has played the investigator Elisabeth “Bessie” Eyckhoff. It is not her first cinema premiere since the reopenings, as she told spot on news.

“We were able to celebrate the Austrian film festival Diagonale three weeks ago in Austria in a very secure setting. In this respect, I have the excitement of ‘first time audience again, first time cinema’ behind me,” said the native Austrian. The lively artist admitted a certain excitement. “What makes it very exciting for me, however, is the fact that, for once, I have not seen this ‘Polizeiruf 110’ in advance,” said Altenberger. If she already knows the film, she is more relaxed at a premiere.

Joint cinema experience

In the open-air cinema, she will experience the thrilling crime thriller with a large number of viewers. “Watching a film together is always an experience,” said Verena Altenberger. And went on to explain: “Especially now, when the trend is tending towards more and more individual and isolated viewing, it is a very valuable counter-program to see a television film on the big screen. Or simply to go to the cinema in general.”

She herself can also remember films that she experienced in the cinema differently than films that she saw on television or on the laptop. “The emotion is stronger and the memory more present. In this respect, it is a gift to be able to celebrate such a festival premiere,” says the popular television and film star, who with the series “Magda does it!” (2017-2021, RTL) really caught the eye for the first time.

Shudder at the audience’s reaction?

Similar to the theater, the reaction of the audience at such an event as the cinema premiere of the “Police Call” is prompt. Is Verena Altenberger afraid of criticism? “Let’s put it this way: I’m excited. This applies not only to the audience reaction tonight, but also to the reviews. I would be really lying if I said that if there were a lot of negative reactions, I would not care “she admitted. And tells of actors who just wouldn’t read it at all. She is not like that.

“But I also don’t long for everything to be praised in heaven. I like different reactions best. If a few like it, a few don’t. If there is a dispute,” revealed Altenberger. And she added with a laugh: “Only if everyone shouted ‘Boo’ tonight would I find it stupid.”

Training for the cult play

In two weeks Verena Altenberger will embody the passion in the legendary play “Jedermann” (Lars Eidinger, 45) at the Salzburg Festival. In return, this audience situation on the “Police Call” premiere evening could mean a kind of training.

“Yes. In fact it is”, Verena Altenberger confirmed and told of her first premiere this year with the movie ‘Me, We’ four weeks ago on Diagonale: “When we were called to the front after the screening, thought I really, I passed out because it was so exciting. I didn’t have to say a lot and even talk about something I love – my job. And yet I was so excited that I thought to myself, ‘Good that you can desensitize yourself a bit before you go to the cathedral square. ‘”

“Polizeiruf 110: Until midnight” will be broadcast on the first in autumn. The Salzburg Festival takes place from July 17th to August 31st.