Vergnet is developing its solar energy projects in Brazil – 2022-11-23 at 10:27

(AOF) – Vergnet’s activities are growing in Brazil. Indeed, several photovoltaic solar power plant projects will soon see the light of day. In Itapui in the State of São Paulo and in Guanambi in the State of Bahia, Vergnet was retained for engineering, project management, partial supply of materials, civil construction, assembly and commissioning assignments. in service. The commissioning of the first photovoltaic plant in Itapui (750 kilowatt-peak) will take place next month.

In addition, Vergnet carries out engineering and environmental development missions for the development of several photovoltaic power plants in several other Brazilian states. Nearly 60 technicians and engineers are mobilized for the successful completion of the various projects.

For Cyril Ledran, CEO of the Group, declares: “these projects demonstrate the company’s ability to adapt and its ability to offer the most relevant solutions to meet the objectives and constraints of our customers. Skills and agility of our teams allow us to be particularly competitive in the most complex markets.”

Vergnet Americas is also in the process of discussing several projects concerning different countries in the area.


Threat to the European energy system

The leading importer of German gas, Uniper posts 54% of the volumes it buys from Russia. Following the war in Ukraine, the group had to acquire the volumes it lacked on the spot market, the prices of which had exploded. In difficulty, he requested aid from the German state, which raises concerns for all European energy companies. Nevertheless the German RWE and the French Engie reacted by arguing that their situation was very different. RWE stressed that it was less dependent on Russian gas. As for Engie, it benefits from the diversification of its sources of supply, with an increase in the volumes of LNG delivered in France and contracts with Norway and Algeria. The group has also adapted its hedging strategy to strengthen its resilience.

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