Verona Pooth slips back into her wedding dress after 17 years

Verona Pooth
17 years later, her wedding dress still fits like a glove

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On the occasion of the 70th birthday of “Bild”, Verona Pooth embarks on a journey through time and slips back into her couture wedding dress 17 years after her wedding.

When Verona Pooths, 54, and Franjo Pooths, 52, said yes in a church in Vienna’s St. Stephen’s Cathedral in September 2005, it was like a royal wedding. As in a fairy tale, the moderator and her son San Diego were driven to the red carpet by a pink carriage and walked down the aisle in a couture robe, designed by none other than Karl Lagerfeld, † 85. These are memories that Verona likes to look back on. Back in mid-June, she posted pictures of herself and Karl at the Coco Chanel Atelier at 31 Rue Cambon in Paris on Instagram and talked about her wedding dress and the process of creating it – and for a reason.

Verona Pooth wears her wedding dress again

On the occasion of the 70th birthday of “Bild”, Verona Pooth is allowed to review her wedding day again. For a photo shoot, she slips back into her Chanel wedding dress, which Karl Lagerfeld had made especially for her. The dress still impresses with its glamor today. Feathers, tulle, sequins and embroidery make her princess dress perfect. Even 17 years after the big day, the dress fits like a glove – only one thing is different: the 54-year-old is wearing her hair down this time and not in an updo like at the wedding.

After the wedding, she had kept the bridal gown, although a museum had offered to display it to the public. She reveals to “Bild” that if she were asked again, the answer would now be different. However, she has one wish: “If Diego gets married, I would like his bride to wear the dress again.”

Verona and Franjo Pooth are planning a second wedding

Verona and Franjo plan to tie the knot again in 2023. In an interview with “Bild” Verona explains this decision as follows: “I love Franjo even more after 20 years than when I married him because we have experienced so much together – we have gone through thick and thin, the birth of our Children, Franjo has never disappointed me and still makes me laugh again and again, and that’s why we want to tie the knot again.” Not much is known about the second wedding, only that son Rocco will hand over the rings this time, in 2005 San Diego holds this task.

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