Verona Pooth: "Stunning!" Your photo makes fans freak out

Verona Pooth
"Stunning!" Your photo makes fans freak out

Verona Pooth

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All celebrity news in the Brigitte ticker: Verona Pooth posts a sexy photo – and the fans freak out +++ Cathy Hummels shares an honest photo after Ludwig's birth.

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January 5, 2021

Verona Pooth posts a sexy photo – and the fans freak out

Verona Pooth, 52, knows what her fans want to see. Therefore, the TV icon never tires of keeping her followers on Instagram busy with posts. With her most recent posting, the 52-year-old meets the taste of her community once again. The result: 12,000 likes within ten hours – and the trend is rising.

Verona Pooth looks sexy into the camera in white evening attire that exposes her shoulders. Perfectly made up and styled, the model blends in with the crowd. And that in the middle of Corona? Of course not. The mother of two rummaged in her archive and shared a throwback photo with her community. She writes: "I really miss the wonderful, carefree time (…) and the great events, laughing and being with friends, work colleagues and the media. (Sic)"

The fans seem to have forgotten the corona pandemic for a brief moment when they saw Verona. They shower the advertising icon with compliments. "Nice to see the picture, you look amazing, wow Verona," enthuses one. Another Instagram user says: "You look great." Another follower finds "Schönste". Verona just knows how to amaze her fans.

January 4, 2021

Cathy Hummels: She shares an honest photo after Ludwig's birth

Almost three years ago, Cathy Hummels, 32, and her husband Mats, 32, became parents for the first time: in January 2018, their son Ludwig, 2, saw the light of day. Now the 32-year-old shared a photo of herself after the birth of her son and spoke openly about her problems at the time.

On Instagram, Cathy uploaded a picture that shows her with an unhappy expression in the hospital bed. Cabbage leaves peek out from under her top. What does that mean? Cathy explains in the accompanying text: "That was on January 12th, 2018 … to be honest, I had so much milk I could easily have breastfed twins. But this leakage of milk also hurt damned. That's why I always keep chilled cabbage on laid my chest to provide some relief. (sic) “Your fans celebrate in the comments for this honest insight.

But this post will remain Cathy's last social media post on Instagram for the time being, because the Munich woman wants to take a break from the network. "I've thought a lot and think that many interpretations are going in the wrong and untrue direction. For this reason, my Instagram is now in lock-down for a few days. I'm reporting from quarantine again from Germany," explains your followers. Cathy is currently in Dubai – the designer has to take a lot of criticism for her trip. But the influencer emphasizes that she traveled there for work.

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