Verona Pooth: Swipe against Dieter Bohlen and Carina?

Verona Pooth: Swipe against Dieter Bohlen and Carina?

The marriage between Verona Pooth, 51, and Dieter Bohlen, 66, was short-lived (four weeks). Nevertheless, there still seems to be a connection between the two – whether positive or negative, that should be said. At least Verona Pooth seems to be keeping an eye on her ex-husband's activities. Otherwise, she would hardly know what the pop titan diligently shares on Instagram.

A photo of the DSDS jury has now taken the advertising icon as an opportunity to upload it to their own Instagram page. But not just that. The fitness queen makes a photo collage from a couple picture of Dieter Bohlen and his girlfriend Carina Walz, 36 – and simply takes a snapshot of himself and her husband Franjo, 50, next to it.

Why the whole thing? Well, it looks like Verona Pooth is having a little fun with the similarity between the two couples. "Find the mistake," Pooth wrote of the two photos. In fact, in a direct comparison, a certain similarity cannot be denied. Both men carry their women piggyback, everyone involved shines at the camera, the women wear their hair open, the men have their hair combed back. Regardless of who ultimately copied the pose from whom, Verona Pooth simply finds it: "So funny". We also!

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