Verona Pooth: This bikini photo raises questions!

Blue sky, beach and sea – we would like to trade with Verona Pooth. On Instagram she just uploaded a photo of herself from Dubai. Then she kneels in the shallow water, light waves break at her knees, the view goes wide and the body is only lightly clothed.

With the bikini photo, Verona Pooth only wanted to remember the vacation feeling of past trips. "I miss the feeling of swimming in the sea, relaxing on the beach," the lady writes about the photo. She also longs for sweet idleness – and asks her fans if they have ever done absolutely nothing during a vacation.

The answers Verona Pooth gets to the bikini photo go in a different direction. Because her followers are less interested in the sea in the background, even the summer weather simply cannot compete with one detail: Verona Pooth's bikini reveals a body that is in perfect shape. The approach of a six-pack is even apparent on the flat stomach, arms and legs appear firmer than ever. Above all, this raises a question: "Sorry, how was the age again?", Writes a fan underneath and still gets a kiss smiley face from the lady.

Dear Verona, how do you do that? Other fans wonder and rumored which BMI the model has. Honestly: Yes, Verona Pooth looks great! But much more important than a well-trained body is something completely different: feeling good. Verona does this quite obviously, because it is her self-confident charisma that makes her photo so special. BMI and age really don't matter as long as you feel good!

Who is Verona Pooth? – Facts and figures

  • Verona Pooth is a German moderator, entrepreneur and advertising model.

  • The Bolivian was born on April 30, 1968.

  • She has been married to Franjo Pooth since 2004. Previously, she was in a nearly one-year marriage to Dieter Bohlen.

  • Verona Pooth is a mother of two.

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