Veronica Ferres: She has these Hollywood projects in the pipeline


Reunion with Veronica Ferres (54): The actress celebrates the free TV premiere on Monday evening with the comedy "Unter deutsche Betten" (2017) on Sat.1. At the moment, the 54-year-old is traveling internationally, especially when it comes to film. She has these films with real Hollywood top figures in her pipeline.

"Every Breath You Take"

In the psychological thriller "Every Breath You Take" Veronica Ferres plays alongside Oscar winner Casey Affleck (44, "Manchester by the Sea") as well as Sam Claflin (33, "A Whole Six Months") and Michelle Monaghan (44, "The Path"). In the film, a psychiatrist (Affleck) is in dire straits when one of his patients commits suicide. When he invites her brother to his home and he meets his wife and daughter there, there is a drama. In January 2020 it was announced that Ferres' daughter Lilly Krug (19) also took on a role in the thriller. So far there is no official release date.


"Best Sellers"

In November 2019 it could be read that Veronica Ferres is shooting the comedy drama "Best Sellers". Directed by Lina Roessler, she is in front of the camera with acting icon Sir Michael Caine (87, "God's Work and Devil's Contribution"). Caine has two Oscars at home. "Best Sellers" is about a retired author who wants to realize his last book with a young publisher. No date has yet been fixed for the official release date.

"Love, Weddings and Other Disasters"

In the comedy "Love, Weddings and Other Disasters" Veronica Ferres took on a role alongside Diane Keaton (74, "What your heart desires") and Jeremy Irons (71, "The affair of Sunny von B."). It is about a group of wedding planners who want to give their customers an unforgettable day. But privately they struggle with their own problems. Directed by Dennis Dugan (73, "Children's heads"). It is not yet known when the comedy will be released in cinemas in this country.


Veronica Ferres dives into the world of opioid alongside Oscar winner Gary Oldman (62, "The Darkest Hour") as well as Armie Hammer (33, "Call Me by Your Name") and Evangeline Lilly (40, "Ant-Man and the Wasp ") in the drug thriller" Dreamland ". In the Canadian-Belgian co-production, three drug stories are supposed to collide. Veronica Ferres acts as an influential manager of a pharmaceutical company that wants to bring a new pain reliever to the market that is not addictive. An official release date has not yet been announced.

On top of that. Veronica Ferres and her production company Construction Film are also involved in a new Netflix project with Sandra Bullock (55, "Bird Box"). Preparations for this have been going on for four years and Nora Fingscheidt ("System Sprenger") will direct.