version 120 fixes particularly annoying bugs

The latest update of the Firefox browser, numbered 120, addresses some very annoying bugs for users. It is already available for download, no need to wait to do it.

Credits: Mozilla

Your Web browserwhatever it is, behaves like any other program: it updates regularly. Firefox is of course no exception to the rule. Most of the time, the process is completely transparent to you. Only a few minor bugs are fixed, which you probably weren’t even aware of. Sometimes the update closes a dangerous security hole, and sometimes it adds a few features. In any case, there is no reason not to do them.

The latest, upgrading the browser to version number 120is of the type bug fixes, but of those that you may have noticed because they are so painful. We might as well tell you right away: nothing has been said about the slower loading of YouTube videos on Firefox for some time. Google blames ad blockersbut fortunately it is possible to prevent YouTube from slowing down your videos.

Firefox version 120 puts an end to several annoying bugs

Here is everything that the version 120 of the Firefox browser :

  • Fixed a bug that caused persistent slowdowns at startup.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a 100% CPU usage on sites like Google Maps.
  • Fixed an issue that caused YouTube videos displayed a green screen when’hardware acceleration was activated.
  • Fixed an issue that caused status bar was still visible when viewing a video full screen.
  • Fixed a startup crash affecting Linux users on some aarch64 systems with page sizes other than 4KB.

Once the update is installed, you should see that Firefox opens a little faster. If a trip to the task manager told you that Firefox sometimes used 100% CPU, it’s now ancient history. Concerning YouTube, nothing on the slowdown therefore, but at least, the green screens that you could see in some cases have disappeared. The update is already available from the browser by clicking on Help > About Firefox.

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