versions of Xiaomi’s software overlay will install no less than three browsers


Xiaomi has taken the strange step of offering, in some regions, a MIUI version with three browsers pre-installed.

Xiaomi has a reputation for delivering high-performance smartphones, but affordable. The brand’s products, however, are far from free from defects. The company is thus often criticized for installing too much useless, even dubious software, the famous bloatware. This is still present in large numbers, even on the Xiaomi 13, the brand’s flagship.

This bad reputation is not likely to improve with the tweet posted by Kacper Skrzypek. The Polish leaker claims that Xiaomi’s MIUI software overlay will integrate not one, not two, but three different browsers, namely Chrome, Mi Browser and Opera. This can be inconvenient, but not necessarily prohibitive, as long as it is possible to uninstall the software. Well, Mr. Skrzypek claims that some versions of the ROM (in India, for example) will not allow the uninstallation of any browser whatsoever.

Xiaomi imposes a third browser in some versions of MIUI

Fortunately for European, Russian and Taiwanese Xiaomi customers, Opera will not be pre-installed on the versions of MIUI 13 or MIUI 14 made available to them. Be that as it may, one may be surprised at the decision of the company’s leaders, at a time when their bloatware policy is unanimously denounced by all users and observers.

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MIUI 14, the new version of Xiaomi’s home overlay for its Android smartphones, however, has no need for “spamware” to promote its undeniable assets. In addition to the classic design and interface changes, the software overlay brings the Super Icons, which allow icons and folders to be resized at will. Interconnectivity between brand devices will be pushed to its climax, since, much like the Stage Manager function on iOS 16, it allows you to open an application on the brand’s smartphone and run it on the screen of another compatible device.

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