very amazing family photo with their twins for their greeting card

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As every year for the holidays, Albert II and Charlene of Monaco sent their traditional greeting card. And this year, a detail is not without surprising their admirers.

It is a real tradition in European royal families. Throughout the year, Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco carry out official duties on the Rock on a daily basis, and sometimes even abroad: work with their respective foundations, charitable works, visits to associations, their agenda is regularly closed months in advance. And to thank the people who welcome them every time so warmly, they do not fail to wish their wishes during the end of year celebrations with their traditional menu. If some consider it a bit out of fashion, greeting cards are still popular in the royal families, British or Monegasque. A delicate attention that their admirers often look forward to.

So, what was their surprise to discover that of 2022, sent by Prince Albert II and Charlene of Monaco. This year, the couple again chose nice family photo taken in front of their beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Dressed in a long black dress with a plunging neckline, Princess Charlene is majestic alongside her husband, dressed in an elegant blue suit. Their children, who recently celebrated their 8th birthday, are also in their 31s, an elegant black suit for Jacques and a veritable powder pink princess dress for the young Gabriella, wearing a pretty headband. And if the picture again made a strong impression, some did not fail to notice a small detail: a filter has been added to give an artistic effect to the photo. Which in no way spoiled the result, since this greeting card is once again very successful.

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Prince Albert II and Charlene accomplices

Very accomplices and lovers, Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert II show once again that, despite the many concerns and rumors that have affected their couple in recent months, they remain very close. And it is not the brother of Caroline and Stéphanie of Monaco who will say the opposite, he who recently made a magnificent declaration of love to his wife during an interview. “I’m really proud of my wife”he thus launched, specifying that for her, the last year had been “extremely difficult”. “She fought in an incredible way”he added, admiringly, specifying that from now on, the princess “does very well”.

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