very bad news for fans

Despite a mixed third opus, Ubisoft hit hard with the first two Watch Dogs. However, it’s been a while since licensing. What should we deduce from this?

The catalog ofUbisoft is teeming with memorable licenses. From Rayman to Assassin’s Creed, via Far Cry, the titles are piling up. But some end up falling into oblivion, despite fans’ hopes of seeing a new opus emerge, like Beyond Good and Evil or Watch Dogs.

In 2014, Ubisoft arrived Watch Dogs, with a brand new IP. Relatively original in its approach to social themes through the prism of the use of new technologies, it immersed us in a new open-world in which we played a computer hacker. Four years after the release of the third part, there is complete silence for the license. But an insider would have had crucial information…

Back to the doghouse for Watch Dogs

It’s not Aiden Pearce, yet it regularly spreads new information. Jonathan, aka xj0nathan on X/Twitter, has accustomed us to leaking exclusive news on Ubisoft productions. Last year, he previewed a visual of Assassin’s Creed Mirage. Again, very recently, he discussed a possible future for Far Cry 7.

Yesterday, he spoke about another license from the French publisher, and the news is not good. In fact, the commercial failure of Watch Dogs Legion would have led to the loss of the license, despite a new project in the pipeline:

Obviously, Ubisoft still had plans for the Watch Dogs license. The leaker mentions a Battle Royale, without specifying whether it was a simple mode or a full-fledged game. Still, the teams seemed to want to continue in the community vein of Legion. This project did not seem to be the only one in progress for the license. But now it seems that everything is ” dead and buried ยป for Aiden Pearce and his hacker cronies…

Of course, it’s common for a studio to abandon projects mid-way if they don’t seem viable. The publisher therefore seems to be focusing on projects that it considers safer, like Star Wars Outlaws, its new multiplayer XDefiant or the Prince of Persia franchise, currently in the midst of a revival. Let us nevertheless hope that this decision, if it is proven, does not bode badly for other cult Ubisoft licenses, and particularly for Beyond Good and Evil 2 which is becoming more and more awaited.

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