“Very likely”: Biden warns of the Kabul attack in 24 to 36 hours

“Most likely”
Biden warns of the Kabul attack in 24 to 36 hours

Before the final withdrawal of the troops, US President Biden considers it “very likely” that there will be another attack. The situation at Kabul airport remains extremely dangerous. He also announced further retaliatory attacks. Meanwhile, the Taliban are in the process of establishing a government.

After the devastating suicide attack at Kabul airport, another attack could be imminent, according to the USA. “The situation on site is still extremely dangerous and the risk of terrorist attacks on the airport remains high,” said US President Joe Biden. According to the army command, “an attack in the next 24 to 36 hours is very likely”. The military has been instructed to take all possible steps to protect the soldiers.

Dozens of civilians and 13 US soldiers were killed in the attack on Thursday at Kabul airport. Senior officials from the former Afghan government said more than a hundred people were killed. Some media even reported around 170 deaths.

Biden announced further retaliatory attacks on the regional branch of the jihadist militia Islamic State (IS), which claimed the attack for itself on Thursday. According to the Pentagon, two high-ranking members of the militia Islamic State Khorasan Province (IS-K) were killed in a drone attack by the USA on Saturday morning. This was “not the last” attack on those responsible for the attack “on our troops and innocent civilians in Kabul,” said the US President.

Taliban want to announce cabinet

With the US evacuations coming to an end, the radical Islamic Taliban are preparing to build a government in Afghanistan. In the next few days they wanted to announce the full cabinet, said a Taliban spokesman. The representatives of important authorities such as the Ministry of Health and Education and the Central Bank have already been appointed. In addition, it is assumed that the turbulence in the domestic currency will soon end.

The Taliban condemned the US retaliation against ISIS as a “clear attack on Afghan territory”. However, according to the spokesman, they asked the US and other Western countries to maintain diplomatic relations even after their soldiers had withdrawn.

The US previously initiated the final phase of its withdrawal from Afghanistan, which is due to be completed on Tuesday. Soldiers have started to withdraw from Kabul airport, says a spokesman for the US Department of Defense. With the withdrawal, the mission to evacuate Western citizens and former Afghan employees and their families will also end.