very reassuring news for the PS5 exclusive

The PS5 will welcome its next big exclusive on April 26 in the person of Stellar Blade. His studio Shift Up had a reassuring official announcement to make in this regard.

Better late than never as they say: Stellar Blade has officially obtained the famous Gold status. This means that the game is in principle ready for its very upcoming release on PS5, with normally a minimum of bugs. However, we are not immune to a now traditional “Patch Day One”.

Stellar Blade is now Gold

In gestation for five years at the South Korean studio Shift Up, Stellar Blade has finally reached maturity. Having remained a well-kept PlayStation secret for a long time, the game greatly accelerated its communication at the start of the year. We were indeed treated to a proper presentation in quick succession during the first PlayStation Showcase of 2024, then to a playable demo.

A little over two weeks before its official release on PS5, Stellar Blade can finally boast of obtaining the famous Gold status. This normally ensures a version 1.0 stable enough to be printed on Blu-Ray discs and the launch of its production in physical version. Shift Up officially shared the good news on the game’s official (formerly Twitter) account. The Korean studio should now be working on a Day One patch, ahead of its release.

Already have further ideas?

However, the work will not stop there for Stellar Blade. After the release, updates and other DLC (free and paid) are already planned. Among the free content to come, we notably have the New Game+ functionality. Extensions to the main EVE adventure are also not excluded.

Shift Up even already has plans beyond Stellar Blade. The Korean studio is in fact already recruiting for a future game. On paper, this one looks like a sequel, but would not be exclusive to the PS5. In any case, we should already have something to occupy ourselves with the title coming on April 26, given its expected lifespan.

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