victim’s husband speaks out from prison

Bradley Robert Dawson, the man accused of killing his wife during their honeymoon, defended himself in an interview given from the prison where he is being held.

The honeymoon was fatal for 36-year-old Christe Chen. This American was found dead in the room of her hotel in Fiji on July 8. Her husband, Bradley Robert Dawson, is the prime suspect in the case. He was charged July 19 with murder. The man, who denies the facts, gave an interview from prison to ABC News. He claims to have never had a “physical argument” with his wife during their relationship. However, when she was found dead, the victim bore many traces of blows, including one on the head. “What I can say is that I am sorry for the situation we are all going through. We were supposed to have an amazing vacation and I lost my wife. The simple fact of telling me that she is no longer there hurts me. I think of her all the time. We should have had a great life,” he commented. He added “pray for her every day”.

While he is accused of trying to flee the scene in a kayak on the day of the crime, the man swears he simply wanted to “give his wife time” after an argument with her. “I was just trying to leave her alone. There was nothing more normal for me than going for a walk”. The defendant’s lawyer claims that his client is innocent and that he does not know how or why his wife died. To advance the investigation, the local authorities ordered that a DNA test be carried out by the suspect, who after his arrest had refused to do one.

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The testimony of an ex

The couple who lived in Memphis had moved in together in the Cooper-Young neighborhood of the city, after the start of what was described as a “whirlwind romance”. A neighbor told TV that Christe was ‘thrilled’ with the planned trip to Fiji to celebrate their honeymoon. A colleague of the victim told The Daily Beast that her romance with the suspect was so quick that few people had met her partner before the wedding.

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Kristen Baker, an ex-girlfriend of the suspect, agreed to testify with the show “Good Morning America” ​​in early August, evoking the violent character of this man. She explained that around the time they met, “they fell madly in love, intensely and quickly.” But the relationship with Bradley Robert Dawson would quickly turn violent. “When I wanted to leave him, he pushed me onto the bed and chased me. He was very manipulative, verbally, very threatening and very jealous,” she said. After their final break, the man would have married another woman in 2019, from whom he ended up divorcing, before meeting Christe Chen, with whom everything went very quickly there too.

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