Victims of street harassment, they t

A new Instagram account has just been created and it reveals many testimonies from victims of street harassment.

Video by Loïcia Fouillen

On Instagram, Emanouela has launched a new account which is becoming more and more important as they concern a majority of women. As much to tell you that the name of this new Instagram account is very meaningful since it is called "Hello dirty bitch." Thanks to this initiative, the young woman wishes to free the word around street harassment which, even today, remains persistent and represents a real scourge in the public space. It thus collects testimonies from women who, during their lifetime, have been confronted with street harassment and even sexual assault, in the street, in transport or in their workspaces. The testimonies are more and more numerous and allow many of them to break the silence around a real social problem, generating a deplorable rape culture.

It is after sharing her experience that Emanouela decides to create "Hello dirty bitch" on Instagram. She confides in Huffington Post on this subject : "I have received over 200 messages on my personal account, with women who have suffered similar situations. They wanted to testify but on condition of anonymity, for fear of reprisals. And I said to myself 'damn but this is not possible to live in constant fear ', and I decided to create this account. " Emanouela's Instagram account is now followed by more than 25,000 people.

This is how we are treated regularly in the streets, and it concerns all women

Very useful, this account should be followed very closely. It makes it possible to broach the subject because, even today, street harassment is experienced by all women. What is all the more hitting through the Instagram account "Hello dirty bitch" very varied profiles appear. The testimonies are diverse. The victims are sometimes young, sometimes older, others are thin, some are round and most of them are even pregnant or accompanied by their children. We let you judge for yourself these chilling testimonies.

How to react to street harassment?

Video by Clara Poudevigne