Victoria and David Beckham couple enjoying ‘family time’

Victoria and David Beckham
Couple Enjoying Their “Family Time”

David and Victoria Beckham are always seen online as family people.

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Victoria and David Beckham are total family people. How well they get along with Victoria’s parents, they now show on Instagram.

Victoria, 48, and David Beckham, 47, are enjoying their family time. The entrepreneur shared a photo on Instagram, on which the couple poses together with Victoria’s parents. “Special lunch with my amazing parents! I love you both so much!!! Family time makes me really happy,” the 48-year-old wrote. The photo shows her snuggled up to her father, Anthony Adams, while David Beckham poses with her mother, Jackie Adams.

Numerous fans post heart emojis or leave loving comments under the post. “I agree, family is everything,” writes a follower. “You all look wonderful,” notes another meanwhile. “I love it. Family really means love,” commented another fan.

David Beckham celebrates his mother online

That the Beckhams love to gush about their family is nothing new. Just a few days ago, David Beckham congratulated his mother Sandra (73) via Instagram for your birthday. The former professional athlete shared sweet photos from his childhood and a recent snap of his mother. “Happy birthday to the most amazing mum,” the 47-year-old wrote.


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