Victoria Beckham: will she perform with the Spice Girls again?

Victoria Beckham
Will she perform with the Spice Girls again?

Victoria Beckham would like to perform with the Spice Girls at a special event


Victoria Beckham could apparently imagine performing with the Spice Girls again under one condition.

The Spice Girls were already on a major reunion tour in 2019. A famous member of the popular girl group was missing at the time: Victoria Beckham (47). As her colleague Mel C (47), also known as “Sporty Spice”, explained on British television, “Posh Spice” might be there again for a very special appearance.

“Between the two of us: Mrs. Beckham would love to perform at Glastonbury”, explained Mel C on the show “Lorraine”. She knew there were a lot of rumors about it, but the members of the Spice Girls had not yet spoken seriously about the matter. In addition, the show could take place in 2022 at the earliest. Because of the corona pandemic, the well-known Glastonbury Festival has been canceled in its original form for 2021.

Appearances were “unbelievable”

Mel C went on tour in 2019 with Mel B (46, “Scary Spice”), Emma Bunton (45, “Baby Spice”) and Geri Horner (48, “Ginger Spice”). The band members keep talking about getting back on stage, according to the singer, as the performances were “incredible”. They would love to go back to playing shows as soon as possible. Mel C also emphasized that this was not a firm commitment for further appearances. It is not known whether Beckham was involved in these talks.

The Spice Girls recently celebrated the 25th birthday of their hit “Wannabe”. Horner published, among other things, three pictures on Instagram, including a photo taken in her garden a quarter of a century ago. The Spice Girls met at her place on a Sunday – the very day “Wannabe” was able to fight its way to third place in the charts. The song “changed the lives of five girls from Great Britain”.