Victoria Swarovski: Baby planning with her and husband Werner is serious

Victoria Swarovski
“I would be very happy to become a mother at 30”

Werner Murz and Victoria Swarovski

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The biological clock is ticking at Victoria Swarovski. Next year, the “Let’s Dance” presenter would be very happy to have offspring with husband Werner Mürz.

Victoria Swarovski, 29, and her great love Werner Mürz have been a couple for eleven years and have now been married for five years. At 18, the native Austrian once said that she wanted to be a mother by 30. Apparently not much has changed in these plans, as the “Let’s Dance” presenter has now told “Bild”.

Victoria Swarovski: “I still have a good year”

The time since coming of age and wanting to have a child at 30 has “passed so quickly” for Victoria Swarovski. She still “doesn’t want to miss” becoming pregnant, “I still have a good year”, explains the Kristall heiress in the “Bild” interview and says: “Of course I would be very happy to become a mother at 30, but I don’t want to force it now either. If it happens, then it happens.” The most important thing for her is that her child is “healthy”.

It is not known whether she would like to raise her offspring with husband Werner in the fantastic new property in Marbella. Victoria only resettled there in July of this year, as she revealed on Instagram.

But even after eleven years of relationship, everyday life and a busy schedule, the singer knows how to keep her partnership on the go. “I do think it’s important to wear lingerie more often in a marriage,” says Victoria. Seductive lingerie is “a must to make your partner happy. You should never forget that.” This would be the first cornerstone for family planning.

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