Victoria's Secret: Supermodels make demands on label in open letter


After the "New York Times" recently reported in its article "Angel in Hell" about the worrying situation at the lingerie label "Victoria's Secret", the next step now follows: A total of 100 supermodels have once again signed up in an open letter the company and CEO John Mehas turned to make their anger clear. The women criticize "the intense retribution with which 'Victoria's Secret' silences those who have reported wrongdoing" and clearly state: "The abuse was laughed away".

According to the "New York Times", this is "even more immensely and firmly rooted in the underwear brand than previously assumed". The head of the fashion line, Leslie "Les" Wexner (82), is said to have ignored the abuse and sexual violence against the models for years and led the label with a "culture of misogyny, bullying and harassment". The "Victoria's Secret" angels denounced these conditions five months ago by making clear demands on the brand in order to better protect women against sexism and assault. "Victoria's Secret" ignored that.


"Victoria's Secret" doesn't take complaints seriously

The letter, signed by supermodels like Christy Turlington (51), Gemma Ward (32) and Amber Valletta (45), was published on the "Model Alliance" website. The fashion advocacy organization once again raised the issue, "but it was made clear that 'Victoria's Secret' was not taking these complaints seriously. In a follow-up email, we were informed that 'Victoria's Secret' was not ready is to take concrete steps to counter the allegations ".