Video: 81-year-old fitness influencer conquers Instagram

Fit in old age
81-year-old fitness influencer conquers TikTok

With a lot of ambition and even more humor, Erika Rischko motivates people to do sports on TikTok.


Before she was 55 years old, Erika Rischko couldn't do much with sport. But now, at the age of 81, the senior sportswoman shows that she can easily keep up with younger fitness influencers.

Have you ever been shown by an 81-year-old how incredibly unsporting you are in comparison? No? The time has come! Because although Erika Rischko discovered her passion for sports relatively late, she now regularly motivates her 30,000 viewers to participate with her workout.

The fun is in the foreground

What makes your videos so motivating? The pensioner trains as hard as she can and obviously has a lot of fun doing it. You can find out in the video how she was able to win so many fans so quickly and what her daughter has to do with it.

Source used: RTL