Video: a journalist hit by a car in full live

A big scare for this American journalist, who saw “her life pass before her eyes”. Present in Dunbar, Pennsylvania (United States) to cover the rupture of a water pipe this Wednesday, January 19, the journalist of the WSAZ-TV channel, Tori Yorgey, was knocked down by a car live on television.

Hit by an SUV at the start of her duplex intervention for WSAZ-TV, Tori Yorgey wanted to give positive news to presenter Tim Irr, in discussion with the latter, as well as to all the worried viewers in front of their screens.

“Oh my God ! I just got hit by a car, but I’m fine, “said the young woman after quickly getting up, putting an end to observers’ concerns about her state of health.

The journalist also reassured the driver implicated in this incident, telling her that she had no significant injuries. “I’m fine, you’re fine, everyone is fine,” Tori Yorgey explained to the culprit.

Live with Tim Irr, the unfortunate confessed to having been the victim of an accident of this type a few years earlier, with the difference that the latter had not been filmed by cameras. “I actually got hit by a car in college too, the same way,” Tori Yorgey revealed.

Despite the physical and psychological shock, the journalist was not disturbed for very long since she finally finished her initially planned report.

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