VIDEO – Artificial intelligence: this French software deciphers the emotions on your face

INNOVATION – At CES in Las Vegas, the French are particularly numerous this year. And they stand out especially in the field of artificial intelligence. Felipe and Maximilien invented software that reads the emotions on a face.

This year, at CES (show dedicated to innovation) in Las Vegas, France is the second most represented nation after the United States. “We come from the Grand-Est region and we have invented software that allows you to add augmented reality to any paper medium”, “We come from Montpellier, we invented a new generation of telescopes to observe the universe more easily”, testify two inventors in the report of the 20H of TF1 at the head of this article.

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How far will artificial intelligence go?

The French stand out in the field of artificial intelligence. Felipe and Maximilien thus invented a software which manages to read directly the emotions on a face. “Joy, disgust, anger, fear, sadness and surprise”, lists Maximilian.

It’s a revolution for companies that practice user experience. Today, before marketing a product or a website, we test it with a panel of people who are asked about their impressions. Maximilien offers us, by chance, to test the TF1 platform. He asks us to do several searches on the site.

A test that costs 50 euros instead of 5,000 to 10,000

During this time, its software analyzes the words of our journalist, his voice and the features of his face. Result: many positive emotions indicated in blue and negative ones indicated in red. Without realizing it, our journalist visibly felt fear at one point. “It was the moment I asked you ‘can you add this video in to follow’. You had difficulty understanding why that word was here “, affirms Maximilien.

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These tests usually cost between 5,000 and 10,000 euros and the analysis of the results takes about a month. With their software, it takes 30 minutes and costs 50 euros, which is of great interest to an American investor. “There are so many possible uses for Artificial Intelligence. It can be very useful in our societies and the French are good at it”, he says. No need for software to read in Felipe’s eyes the joy of having convinced with his invention.

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