Video: be careful! Vacuum cleaner doesn't stop at extensions either


Hairy accident
The vacuum cleaner doesn't stop at extensions either

The shock is written on her face – this young woman definitely did not expect that at her pit stop!


Quickly over the seats with the vacuum cleaner and whoosh – new hairstyle! This "freshly clipped" woman has to laugh herself at this shock moment!

Car vacuum cleaners at rest stops are already practical, because with them we really get everything away – yes EVERYTHING. This young woman also had to experience this: In an inattentive moment, she holds the vacuum cleaner tube a little too close to her extensions – which are promptly sucked from her head.

Special offer at the service area: clean car and new hairstyle for the price of one

It is clear to see that the young driver did not expect this. She apparently found the situation funny anyway, because as a "warning" she shared the video of the mishap on TikTok.

Source used: RTL