Video: Boyfriend Bob: We'll love this trend hairstyle in 2021

Bob Hairstyles 2021
The boyfriend bob is the most casual haircut of the year

New year, new luck – new hairstyle? How about an androgynous haircut for a change?


The fact is: Bob hairstyles never go out of style. Only the variations change from year to year. Particularly popular this season? The boyfriend bob!

Uncomplicated? Our ears are immediately pricked up. Because nothing is worse than a hairstyle that takes up a lot of time and effort in the morning bathroom routine. Effortless and yet casual is therefore our thing! And that's where the boyfriend bob comes in handy.

Uncomplicated and cool – the boyfriend bob

One thing in advance: You don't need a friend for the hairstyle, nor do you have to orientate yourself to the male haircuts. What is behind the trend look instead and how you can easily style it, we'll tell you in the video.