Video corona rapid test: trick makes the nasal swab more pleasant

Corona rapid test
This trick makes the nasal swab less uncomfortable

For some quick tests you have to push the cotton swab about 6 cm into your nose – not everyone finds that pleasant.


Before Easter, many citizens want to protect themselves with the free rapid tests. However, some people find the nasal swab particularly uncomfortable. You can find out what helps against this in the video.

The corona rapid tests are intended to ensure that we do not accidentally infect other people with an undetected corona infection. Before the Easter holidays, many of us want to make use of the free corona tests. But especially rapid tests, in which the cotton swab has to be inserted about 6 cm into the nostril, find some people uncomfortable.

A simple trick helps against the “foreign body feeling” in the nose

The uncomfortable feeling can disappear very quickly with a simple trick – you can find out what you need for it in the video.

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