video devotees

IIt is fashionable to start each videoconference with a few words expressing regret at not meeting in person and to conclude by wishing very much that this period is over, and that we can finally see each other again in the flesh. There would be, they say, a “Fatigue Zoom”. People would no longer be able to spend the time staring at initials on their screens and listening to “We can’t hear you! “, to the point of declaring already taken with each threat of new aperitif in video. Perhaps.

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However, for each declared anti-Zoom, others secretly hope that a whole slew of meetings will never go back to face-to-face. They fight the idea that the number of participants in an online date is necessarily less: on the contrary, they argue, there are many more people in condo meetings since we can peel vegetables. at home at the same time.

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She is also a writer who discovers that she can easily continue to meet schoolchildren on the other side of France in high schools that do not have a budget for train tickets. Or a medical association which organizes meetings for caregivers and which is surprised, when it apologizes for not having been able to hold this face-to-face meeting, to hear itself answer: “But it’s very good that way, we would never have been able to come otherwise. “ Even if it is difficult to assume aloud, they intend, in the next world, to continue to lead a good dose of their meetings by screen interposed.

How do we recognize them?

They discovered that you could follow a meeting of parents of students by preparing dinner, then, for the longer ones, by dining with the phone placed at the end of the table. They have boosted their associative life now that they can chain three meetings without leaving their living room. Union councils, association general meetings, condominium assemblies, open houses and information meetings for anything, they don’t miss a thing.

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How they talk

“I don’t see why we would start renting rooms for condominium meetings again. “ “I attended a Zoom conference on hypnosis organized by Belgians. “ “One hour in a rush hour car for a class council, never that again.” “ “We won’t go back to the factory at the other end of France for a four-hour meeting. “ “You can pass, but we’re in the middle of a bar mitzvah on video. “ “This year, not only did I start going to my Italian association again, but I even went to their GA, we took stock of the year, it was very good. “ “At the co-ownership meeting, the one who usually grumbles by saying ‘the 27 euros in postage, I don’t see what that corresponds to”, on Zoom, we hear it less. “” I’m sorry, I won’t be able to stay with you until the end, I have a meeting of my senior club starting. ”

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