Video: Dog cheerfully waits for owner a week in front of the clinic

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Dog waits for owner a week in front of hospital

Pure loyalty: the dog was not deterred and remained loyal to its owner.


In Turkey, a loyal dog has achieved some notoriety: it stayed for days in front of the hospital where its owner was treated.

In the Turkish city of Trabzon, this little white dog is something of a celebrity. The little mixed breed dog is called Boncuk, which translates as "pearl". She waited for her owner in front of a hospital for almost a week. He had to be treated for a brain embolism. The bitch came every day and showed great perseverance, says this security guard: "As you know, we have a visitor here. Every day she comes here around 9 am and waits until evening. She waits to come into the house. When Open the door, she looks in. Your owner is a patient here. " Soon everyone around the hospital knew the history of the dog. Occasionally, the animal was also fed by hospital staff.

Goodbye after an endless wait

The best reward for the loyal bitch was the moment when her 68-year-old master was finally released from the hospital. "She loves me very much and I miss her all the time. Sometimes I would call her from the hospital window. That motivated her." The reunion was correspondingly exuberant. Boncuk wagged his tail, jumped up on the wheelchair and let himself be petted. He was just happy, said her master. And that was certainly also true of the dog.