VIDEO Edouard Baer: why he keeps Jean Rochefort’s number in his phone

Thursday, January 21, in It’s up to you, Edouard Baer was moved to see images of Jean Rochefort again. The opportunity to explain why he never erased the actor’s phone number from his contacts.

He’s gone… but he’s still on his phone, as if he could pick it up at any moment. Jean Rochefort died in October 2017, at the age of 87, but Edouard Baer did not delete him from his contacts. Guest on the set of It’s up to you, Thursday January 21, for the release of his fourth film Farewell Paris, in which he plays with Pierre Arditi, François Damiens, Isabelle Nanty and Benoît Poelvoorde, Edouard Baer was very moved to see images of Jean-Pierre Marielle and Jean Rochefort recounting their meeting. Archive footage from 1982. “Is it true that you kept Jean Rochefort’s number on your phone?”, then asked Pierre Lescure. “You should never erase people’s numbers, ever”, he replied, before explaining why. “It was Patrick Modiano who said that in an interview. Because if we have someone’s number, it’s because we like them. Whether they’re dead or alive, falling on someone’s name while looking for another, it’s a little sunburn, he confided with emotion.

Edouard Baer tells a hilarious anecdote about Benoît Poelvoorde

François Damiens agreed: “At what point in their life are we going to take someone’s number away? I always have the numbers of all the people. Benoît Poelvoorde kept the tape of all the answering machines he had to keep the messages left for him: “I love that.” Moreover, this inspired a hilarious anecdote to Edouard Baer. “I’m sorry my old man”, he said in the preamble, before telling: “There was a year when surprisingly he didn’t get the Cesar when he had been brilliant – sorry to bother you – it was [Mathieu] Amalric who had it. And Benoît had taken it well, quite elegantly. Except that on his answering machine, he had put: ”Hello, you are on Mathieu Amalric’s answering machine. I can’t answer you, I have too much work at the moment.” With a bad imitation of Mathieu.” Benoît Poelvoorde confirmed. A nice memory.

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