VIDEO Gilbert Montagné angry: the singer pushes a big rant following the controversial remarks of Éric Zemmour

Monday, January 17, Gilbert Montagné was invited to react to Éric Zemmour’s remarks on the inclusion of disabled children in school on the air of BFMTV. The singer raised his voice in the face of the presidential candidate’s proposals.

The presidential election does not come for another few months, yet Eric Zemmour is already in turmoil. The recent candidate for the Elysee Palace is still much talked about, especially in recent days and the unexpected formalization of his relationship with his adviser Sarah Knafo, not without a certain faintness on the set of BFMTV. But the candidate also sparked a (new) controversy with very unwelcome remarks about inclusion of children with disabilities in the school environment, considering that they should be cared for in specialized establishments. In addition to his political opponents scandalized by his remarks, Éric Zemmour received attacks from other personalities.

It’s completely insane”

This is particularly the case of Gilbert Montagné, who has decided to take up the defense of children affected like him by blindness on the air of BFMTV. “Stupidity is to think that these people should be put in places where they are among themselves, so it doesn’t bother anyone. As if we were disturbingbegan the singer who recently turned 70. “Obviously not. It is obvious that in certain situations children may prefer to be in specialized establishments, but that must only represent a minority. We must be by your side and vice versa” he added before launching a final tackle addressed to the polemicist, which shows how much his words revolted him: “It’s completely insane in the sense that we are part of the same world” concluded Gilbert Montagné.

For his part, the polemicist insisted on returning to his remarks in a tweet and tried to put an end to the controversy by affirming that, according to him, it was necessary act with realism and generosityto find “adapted, personalized and flexible solutions”. The presidential campaign may still be long for Eric Zemmour, who is struggling to gather around him to face this frantic race.

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