Video: Great proof of love: Romantic secret revealed after 17 years


A British farmer is planting 6,000 oaks – and 17 years later the message that the trees are carrying is revealed!

It was a truly great love: Winston and Janet Howes were married for 33 years and had endured all the ups and downs that life brought them together. When Janes suddenly died suddenly one day, Winston was devastated. But soon he came up with a plan for one last, one-time token of love for his deceased wife.

Hard work for a week

Winston found a field of almost 2,400 square meters and began planting oaks there. 2,400 square meters is not exactly small, and Winston was determined to create a densely vegetated area. So he didn’t give up until he had planted a whopping 6000 oaks in the field. Then he sprinkled in the little things that were supposed to turn his idea into a grand gesture for his Janet: A hedge here, a few flowers there – these details were very important to Winston. It took him a whole week to realize his heart project.

Secret gesture – for 17 years

And then – nothing happened. The residents were happy about the pretty, forest-like park that the widower had donated to their community. Nobody could see what was really hidden behind the trees. The grand gesture remained a secret for 17 years – until one day the hobby balloonist Andy Collett flew over the site in a hot air balloon. As he casually looked down, his breath caught: right in front of him was an incredible, huge declaration of love that could only be seen from the air. "I have my own balloon and fly regularly," said Collet to the British Telegraph, "but this was really the most incredible sight I have ever seen from the sky (…) You can imagine what there was must stand behind for a love story. " The photos of the balloonist finally brought the romantic secret of the tree complex to the public. Now the residents see their park with completely new eyes – and the great love of Winston and Janet will probably never be forgotten there! Watch the video for the full story and aerial footage of Winston's grand gesture.