Video horoscope: 3 zodiac signs, which will be available from February 22nd should be mindful

Video horoscope
3 signs of the zodiac, which from February 22nd have to take care of yourself

Spring fever and anticipation can quickly turn into disappointment with these zodiac signs


The first signs of spring are now raising false hopes in many zodiac signs – three of them should now take extra care of themselves.

The long winter is finally over – at least almost. Even if the official start of spring is still a bit away, many of us are already in a better mood and enjoy finally letting the sun warm up body and soul again. But this anticipation also harbors the potential for disappointment – and three zodiac signs have to be particularly careful on this point.

These zodiac signs must take care of themselves from February 22nd to 28th

Because, of course, on the one hand it's nice when we can enjoy life outside in a completely new way. But much of what has burdened us in the past weeks and months will not go away as quickly as the snow that has melted from one day to the next. Therefore, mindfulness and self-care are still important for us – and especially for these three zodiac signs.

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