Video: How your dishwasher can clean your washing machine


Washing machine lifehack
Did you know? Your dishwasher can clean your washing machine

One hand washes the other – or in this case "a household appliance".


It sounds absurd, but it's true – a dishwasher can actually remove stubborn dirt from your washing machine. Try it yourself!

A washing machine should by nature always be sparkling clean and clean – after all, it spends its entire existence in the company of the soap and water with which it cleans our laundry. Unfortunately, the reality looks different – inside our washing machines there is a real horror cabinet made of dark dirt, textile scraps and indefinable remnants of slime that you don't even want to look at.

A dishwasher … for the washing machine?

A user on TikTok once showed what came out when she disassembled her washing machine, and many of her viewers would like to throw away their device completely when they think of similar deposits on their machines. Of course, it's not quite as dramatic: Firstly, our laundry still comes out of the wash cycle clean, and secondly, we can clean most residues very easily. In fact, your dishwasher can do a lot of work for you – you can see how it works in the video!