VIDEO – “I was overwhelmed”: Nikos Aliagas, this surprise that upset him

It’s a television moment he perhaps didn’t expect to experience one day. While he was invited on the set of C to you this Thursday, November 30, Nikos Aliagas returned to the various programs he hosts on the TF1 channel. If he unsurprisingly mentioned star Academy, he also recounted the pleasure he felt when he saw personalities splitting armor in The secret song. “Why is this show particularly close to your heart?“, asked Patrick Cohen. “Beyond the scenario that we prepare to take the guests out of their comfort zone – by letting them marinate a little in the dark for many minutes – They lose their space-time bearings a little and then you put them face to face with their families.“, explained the star host of TF1, who specified that “nothing is written.” And added: “The human takes over the posture and I like that a lot.”

A few years ago, the production surprised you with Daniel Guichard with ‘My old man’“, recalled Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine’s accomplice. “On the first ! A real surprise!“, confirmed Nikos Aliagas in the France 5 talk show. “I was overwhelmed“, specified the former host of 50′ Insidebefore explaining the reason: “My father had just diedI was overwhelmed, I was no longer on TV, it was over, it was over…“, admitted the one who is also in charge of star Academy.

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Nikos Aliagas ready to return for The Voice in 2024? We have the answer!

In an interview given to TV Magazine last June, Matthieu Grelier, the producer of The Voicesaid more about next season. And if the mystery remains regarding the future of the four coaches, a pillar of tele-hook will definitely come back next year: “The Voice will return in 2024 with Nikos Aliagas which has exceeded 250 animated shows with us.” The emblematic host of the front page will therefore resume service next year and might well be tempted to leave his presenter hat for a while to sing along.

In any case, this is what he confided to last February, during an interview during which our colleagues questioned him about his possible participation in the blind auditions. “Every year, the production of The Voice offers it to me, just for fun, and ultimately, I don’t have the timebut I would love !“, he admitted. And continued mischievously: “I would sing a piece of ‘Latin lover’ in Spanish crooner mode, probably an old gypsy flamenco, and I would choose the team of Bigflo and Oli. They’re half Argentinian so we could go on tour in Latin America, or end up in a Mexican restaurant in Paris… My alternative career plan is all mapped out“, he quipped.

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