VIDEO José Garcia gained “14 kilos of fat” in the space of one shoot, he got back in shape and reveals how

By Bertrand Bielle | Journalist

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José Garcia, who is currently starring in the comedy “Nous les Leroy”, with Charlotte Gainsbourg, spoke this Thursday about his big weight gain during filming. Weight that he has since lost.

José Garcia, “Clique”.

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José Garcia plays a father with Charlotte Gainsbourg in the film We Leroys by Florent Bernard, currently in theaters. The one who had been ridiculed at a funeral came to talk about this project on the set of Click, this Thursday, April 11, 2024. And after a few minutes of the interview, Mouloud Achour couldn’t help but express all the admiration he has for him. “You are someone who gives me hope,” said the journalist, before highlighting the fact that the actor is particularly in physical shape for someone of his age (58 years old).

His secret? “It’s a healthy lifestyle, permanent work, doing a lot of sports…” We then learn that he does “1 hour of sport per day”. But if the father of Thelma and Laurène (born from his previous marriage to Isabelle Doval) is so keen to maintain himself, from a physical point of view, it’s because he loves “smacking his head” and “drinking shots”. He is also “very greedy” and above all very attracted to “the idea of ​​a sweet”. in front of him drives him crazy It is therefore for these reasons that he is “careful”. He has already given in to all these temptations in the past, notably on the set of. The truth if I lie in the late 90s, where he gained up to “14 kilos of fat”.

José Garcia in love

His daily life had then become too complicated: “It was debilitating for everything. The roles I was given, for everything I did in life.“Note that he also affirmed, during this interview, that he was still in love.”It’s a feeling of euphoria, it’s always wonderful.“He considers himself to have been “lucky” to come across this person with whom he feels “good”. This “person”, her name is Camille. A young woman with whom he had gone with a smile, to the theater Marigny de Paris last January, for the first performance of Biography: a game. A play in which he plays opposite Isabelle Carré, who is currently starring in the film with Bernard Campan And more if affinities.

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