VIDEO – Julia Vignali: her little dedication to her “formidable lover”

Always outgoing, Julia Vignali explained the secret of her constant good humor on the set of “Children of TV” (France 2) on January 9. And it seems that his darling, Kad Merad, has something to do with it …

The sparkling Julia Vignali co-anime Telematin since last August with Thomas Sotto. A remarkable arrival since the viewers did not fail to point out the contagious bonhomie of the 46-year-old presenter. Guest on the set of TV kids on France 2 on January 9, she responded to some Twitter comments evoking her joviality. “I liked Julia Vignali, but it is become a smile machine, shame“, thus wrote a Net surfer. Far from taking the fly, the concerned retorted by attributing her cheerfulness to a certain Kad Merad : “There are a lot of things that make me happy. Get up early in the morning, to have a wonderful lover

Hilarious in the face of Laurent Ruquier, Julia Vignali continued to look into the speculations around her dentition by asserting that his other half put balm in his heart, because of her smile, while admitting that she did all the same “descaling every three months. ” One keen sense of humor that she has always had in common with Kad Merad with whom she has been making perfect love for seven years. Moreover, the star of Welcome to the Ch’tis’ never hesitated to take a joke the mockery around age difference between him and his sweetheart.

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A thunderbolt ?

If Julia Vignali smiles when talking about Kad Merad, the latter is not to be outdone. In 2014, the two stars met on the set of C to you and the actor could not hide his confusion: “The first time that I approached her physically, it’s there. I won’t say after how it happened”, He confided to the microphone of RTL a few years later.

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Photo credits: screenshot Les Enfants de la Télé France 2

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