Video: Kelloggs & Co .: Rewe is removing these brands from its range

Kelloggs, Wrigleys & more
Rewe is removing these brands from its range

Kelloggs is just one of the big brands that you will soon be looking for in vain at Rewe.


Ongoing price negotiations with food manufacturers mean that some particularly popular products will soon no longer be available from Rewe.

Zoff at Rewe: To compensate for losses caused by the corona pandemic, some manufacturers are planning to increase the prices of their products. But supermarket chain Rewe is resisting it. The result: you will soon look in vain for some of the brands that are particularly popular with customers on the Rewe shelves.

Zoff about planned price increases

And significantly more products could be affected, because price negotiations will run until autumn. Only then will it be clear which products will finally disappear from the Rewe range. You can find out which brands are affected in the video.

Source used:Food newspaper


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