VIDEO Loana mocked in Touche pas à mon poste after her rape? Cyril Hanouna explains the controversial sequence

By Leila Messabih


On television, nothing escapes him, from entertainment programs like Top Chef or Koh-Lanta, to more serious ones like television news or debate shows, nothing escapes him. In short, everything related to the small screen and the media is his domain.

On February 5, 2024, Loana was invited to the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”. The opportunity for her to recount her terrible rape which occurred a few months earlier. An unbearable story which nevertheless provoked some laughter from the chroniclers. After the controversy, Cyril Hanouna speaks.

On the set of his show “Face à Hanouna”, Cyril Hanouna explains himself after the shower of criticism concerning Loana’s intervention a few days earlier in “Touche pas à mon poste”. © C8

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While she seemed to be remaining discreet, Loana reappeared in February 2024. And she doesn’t have good news… Last September, she was the victim of a terrible rape which lasted no less than ten o’clock. It was only four months later that she agreed to talk about it, on the set of Do not touch My TV. Still shocked and traumatized, the former reality TV star had speech difficulties… which provoked reactions from some on C8. After the controversy, Cyril Hanouna speaks.

Cyril Hanouna still on Loana’s side

Sunday February 11, 2024, in his show Facing Hanounathe host returned to the treatment of Loana during her appearance in TPMP Few days ago. Viewers accuse him of using the misfortune of the tall blonde to create buzz, and of having tolerated certain mockery on the set. It’s his turn to explain: “Know that Loana, we have always defended her here on the show, we have always received her unlike the others and it’s true that Loana, we are very happy to receive her each time. It is also true that it could sometimes have disconcerted the columnists when she put the words in the wrong way.“Even more, the troublemaker of the PAF assures us,”there is no problem with Loana“.

Loana mocked by Kelly Vedovelli: Cyril Hanouna defends his columnist

Also, Cyril Hanouna assures that there is no question of creating buzz on the back of his guest, victim of a head trauma recently. And, finally, he wants to speak on behalf of Kelly Vedovelli, expressly cited in connection with the taunts: “Know that Kelly is the one who talks to Loana the most. Even outside. And she is the one who has always been behind her, with her, supporting her on the networks. Even when she didn’t know her very well. It’s true that she always helped him.“A clear and necessary clarification for the star host of C8.

The controversy already extinguished by Loana

Remember that, for her part, Loana had already expressed herself in video on Instagram. “I just wanted to tell you that everything is fine, I’m in great shape. I wanted to thank the team of TPMP, kisses to Cyril. It did me good to come to your house, to you”, she declared, thanking the whole team for their welcome. Controversy closed.

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