Video: Lunch break in the home office – this is the best time

Midday low
This is the best time to have lunch at work at home

A quick bite in between is always possible in the home office – but a planned break brings you so much more


Working in the home office gives many of us more freedom during lunch breaks. If you choose the right time, you can look forward to an energy boost at the right time.

Working in the home office can sometimes feel pretty lonely – but it also has some advantages. During the lunch break, for example, we are as flexible as ever and, depending on the weather and mood, can log out briefly when it suits us best. Nutrition experts can be a little help in making decisions: They recommended the best time to say goodbye for lunch.

Lunch break in the home office: This is the best time

Of course, there is no "right" or "wrong" time to take a break, but the recommendation can help to avoid a drop in form after eating that can spoil half the day. After all, who doesn't know the deep hole that each of us has fallen into after a big meal and that makes us want to fall asleep completely?

Timing is (almost) everything

Of course, there are other factors that can put a lunch break on the brakes for the rest of the day. Exercise, for example, is also important, and often does not play a major role during breaks. This is a shame, especially because in the home office we enjoy the limitless luxury of being able to move around as much as we want. Therefore, whenever possible, treat yourself to a walk through your neighborhood, especially when the weather is good. This not only helps against the midday low, but also generally puts you in a good mood.

Tail wind instead of low form

Your lunch choices can also go a long way in how good you feel in the afternoon. The point is, no one at home can stop you from eating what you want at the time that is best for you. It's not a full-fledged substitute for a nice lunch in company that doesn't smile back through a webcam – but it's a little bit of freedom that we can enjoy to the fullest.

Source used: Huffington Post