VIDEO Mallaury Nataf: Her 14-year-old son is doing very badly, “he is placed in the DDASS and…”

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Mallaury Nataf was one of the stars of AB Productions. Known for having appeared in Honey and Beesthen the series Under the sunshe now plays in The Mysteries of Love. She returned this Thursday for Faustine Bollaert in It starts todayon France 2, on her enormous burn-out, she who lived for ten years without a fixed address: “From the moment I left the TF1 series, without psychological and psychoanalytic follow-up, I continued to slide, like a slow, infinitely slow, descent into hell, which led me to the street.

She continued as best she could to be active on a professional level, particularly in the theater: “I read, I did theater for nine years, I followed up with a play with Bernard Menez and Maurice Risch, a play by Eric Assous, a very pretty play that I shot in the south of France. I then continued with a Molière where I played Alcmène with Michel le Royer, again Bernard Menez and I followed up with plays“. After listening to her story, Faustine Bollaert asked her if she was still in contact with her children.

Mallaury Nataf and the loss of custody of her children

“I see my eldest son practically every day. My little one, he is placed at the DDASS (departmental directorate of health and social affairs, editor’s note). It’s not going very well for him, it’s very difficult. He finds himself at the age of 14, he realizes that he is a foster child, he experiences it very, very badly…“, then replied Mallaury Nataf, who on the other hand no longer has any communication with her daughter, who “doesn’t want to hear anymore” of her. Recall that the actress lost their guards.

A very painful memory, which she remembered on the set of Do not touch My TV last December: “When my children were taken away from me on July 18, 2011, I collapsed, collapsed in pain, I was crawling on the ground, screaming like an animal. I was no longer able to organize daily life.”

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