Video: Men with these zodiac signs are particularly cold-hearted

Men with these zodiac signs are particularly cold

Often hypothermic: The ice blocks under the zodiac signs.


Some men still struggle with showing their feelings. Especially certain zodiac signs seem particularly difficult to do.

Every zodiac sign has its quirks, these have the same problem in common. Whether Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini or Aquarius: Men who belong to one of these zodiac signs are often described as hypothermic or even disinterested.

Too cool for this world

You shouldn’t be put off by their “hard shell”: sometimes it pays to give these men some time to thaw. However, with a clear emphasis on “sometimes” – because some of them are simply so permanently hypothermic that they cannot warm even the most patient heart. Which zodiac sign is particularly affected? See for yourself!

heh / Image: Morocko / shutterstock