VIDEO – Michel Drucker very close to Emmanuel Macron: the president sends him an unexpected message in the middle of a broadcast

This Saturday April 13, Michel Drucker was the guest on the show C the weekly, broadcast on France 5. The 81-year-old host, who is celebrating his sixty years of television career this year, had the opportunity to discover a message recorded especially for him, from Emmanuel Macron. From the Élysée to film his video, the President of the Republic greeted the emblematic presenter of Looking forward to Sunday, by revealing having seen it the day before at the exit “of a medical examination”. “Everything is fine, I am reassured”, he said, visibly concerned about the health of the France 3 star.

Emmanuel Macron then decided to discuss the rather incredible professional career of Michel Drucker, recalling that he “sixty years ago, [il] already covered the Olympic Games”, competition which will take place this summer in Paris. “I wanted to know what your medal expectations were and your favorite events,” he slipped, before refocusing the conversation on the career of the flagship host of the PAF: “As it has been more than sixty years now that you have lived on Sunday afternoons, Saturday evenings of French women and men, that you have unearthed so many talents, that from Dalida to Johnny Hallyday by the way through meetings unexpected between Serge Gainsbourg And Whitney Houston… Basically, you crossed our lives, I wanted to know what were the projects for the coming years ? Because I know that you have a lot of them.”

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A President fascinated by Drucker’s professional longevity

Taking advantage of this message to express the tenderness he has for Michel Drucker, Emmanuel Macron remembered the Christmas of 2018 that they spent together in Chad “with our troops”. “We were so proud to be able to present them on the air thanks to you. So thank you also for that”concluded the Head of State by telling him: “see you soon.” Back on set, the host thanked the President, remembering this “fascinating moment” shared in December almost six years ago. The TV presenter then asked him to “tutoyer”because he had pointed out to her that he “could[t] be [s]we father.”Just afterward, Emmanuel Macron explained to him that he wanted to make him his guest because he was curious to know the secret of his professional longevity. As a response to Aurélie Casse, Michel Drucker highlighted “passion, mind […] and the desire to last.

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Photo credits: France 5 screen capture

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