VIDEO Nagui (Don’t forget the words) “humiliates” a candidate: discomfort in the middle of the game, the sequence makes people talk

By Emma Vanpoulle


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New misstep for Nagui in “Don’t forget the lyrics”. In the last episode of the France 2 game broadcast on Tuesday January 9, the host attracted the wrath of Internet users after causing unease on set by discussing with a candidate.

Nagui reframes a candidate from “Don’t forget the words” who wants to go to the Maldives. France 2 © France 2

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Nagui never fails to express his thoughts, even when he is on the air. And it’s not always to serve him. Tuesday January 9, in the second episode of Do not forget the lyrics on France 2, the host took the liberty comments deemed inappropriate regarding the new candidate Valentine. Indeed, as soon as she arrived on the set to challenge the current maestro Mélanie, the young woman was entitled to a little admonishment from Mélanie Page’s husband.

The CPAM teleadvisor explained, however, that she had the idea of ​​benefiting from health insurance if she ever earned 20,000 euros and kept part of it to realize a dream: that of flying to the Maldives. A destination that was not at all to Nagui’s taste. “So you obviously have nothing against sharia…“, he said in an ironic and somewhat moralizing tone. Valentine, however, preferred to laugh about it, assuring that she was of course against sharia. But Nagui insisted: “Well yes, it’s the law there so be careful“.

Nagui a bit moralistic

The candidate, who was no longer laughing at all, then hastened to correct herself and justify herself. “It’s not the Maldives per se. It’s only in the Meuse (where she comes from, editor’s note) already, the weather is never nice and we just want to go out in the sun” she explained. “Well listen, there is sunshine in France too“, the presenter then responded, adding in passing that the best way to travel was by train.

The sequence did not go unnoticed and was commented on on (formerly Twitter). Several Internet users were embarrassed by Nagui’s attitude and did not hide it. “How to get humiliated in two seconds by talking about your dream to a moralist presenter“, “Nagui the public service hater“, we can read. Others recalled that the figure of the Two was not beyond reproach and was not the first to travel by train…”Nagui how did you go to the football world cup?“, one asked, referring to the 2018 competition which was held in Russia and which Nagui attended.

A few days ago, Nagui attracted the wrath of Internet users by attacking another candidate. The reason ? A big debate… about meringues!

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