Video news: Emojis 2020 – the winner surprised

Pande-moji: This is the emoji we used the most in 2020

And which emojis did you use the most in 2020?


What would 2020 look like as an emoji? If we went to see which symbol has been most used around the world, the answer is clear.

2020 was a real emotional rollercoaster for us in many ways. All of a sudden we had to radically limit our contacts and often deal with horror headlines, loneliness and frustration on our own. For many of us, the only lifeline to the outside world was staying in touch with friends and family via chat and messenger. An evaluation by the iPhone manufacturer Apple has now shown which emojis we used most frequently.

Anger, love, sadness

This view of the year 2020 is somehow obvious: What else has conveyed our emotions in such a direct and numerous manner over the past year, like the little icons on computers and smartphones? And indeed the result is hopeful – and shows that even a rarely bad year could not get us down.