VIDEO – Parcoursup: the novelties of this 2022 session

ORIENTATION -Registration for Parcoursup is now open, with nearly 20,000 courses offered. Candidates can enter their wishes there until March 29.

Noémie Reynet has been preparing for this for weeks. This year, Parcoursup offers this Terminale student nearly 20,000 state-recognized training courses and the choice began this Thursday morning at 11 a.m. “I want to give priority to an IUT in social careers, then perhaps a preparatory course in psychomotricity, and finally, as a last choice, a college of psychology, to be sure of being accepted somewhere”, details the young girl in the TF1 13H report at the top of this article.

A stressful procedure for her, as for eight out of ten candidates according to the Up2School platform survey. “We are necessarily a little anxious because between high school and the parents who talk to us about it all the time, it puts a little pressure on us”, she says.

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This pressure has been going up a notch since Thursday morning, but there is no need to rush: the 640,000 high school students and 200,000 students in reorientation have until March 29 to decide on their choice of training, a longer period. granted this year, since the deadline was usually around mid-March. They then have until April 7 to confirm their wishes and finalize their various application files (CV, cover letter, payment of application fees, etc.). Higher education institutions can respond to requests by July 15 at the latest.

For each wish, candidates must also explain their motivation in a few lines. A “future sheet” will also be sent to universities and selective courses: on this document, the teachers and the head of the establishment write an assessment of the student.

“Use the number of authorized wishes well and do not self-censor”

The training catalog has been expanded this year, in particular through apprenticeship, but also with the addition of additional training in art and design as well as preparatory courses for school teaching (PEEP), notes The world.

At the writing of theStudent, specialized media, we want to reassure the candidates. “They will be able to go to the training map and start adding wishes to their list to put them aside, but they can modify it, they have time”, explains Thibaut Cojean, head of the Lycée and Parcoursup section. The platform’s interactive map details the trainings in each region, and candidates can choose up to ten wishes and 20 sub-votes.

In order not to end up without a proposal, it is recommended not to make only one wish and not to apply only for selective courses. “You just have to use the number of authorized wishes well and not self-censor”, advises the journalist. “You have to dare to put training courses to which you think you don’t have the right, because that’s not necessarily true: everyone has the right to apply everywhere”. In contrast, “You still have to be aware of your level”, he nuances.

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You also have to have confidence in the platform, whose launch in 2017 was chaotic. Indeed, 65,000 young people found themselves without assignment and had to find their training alone. In 2021, on the other hand, 590,000 candidates out of 635,000 had received a proposal, i.e. 93% of those registered.

Also note that the marks of the final tests of the two specialty courses taken in Terminale, which should be held from March 14 to 16, will be taken into account in the students’ Parcoursup file. Because of the health crisis, the passage of these tests born of the reform of the baccalaureate driven by the Minister of National Education has never yet been implemented.

A year ago, Jean-Michel Blanquer announced their cancellation, favoring their obtaining continuous control. This time, the tests could not be canceled but postponed, which is being studied with the unions and the national council for high school life, meeting on Wednesday. The Minister accepted these discussions, requested by several organizations, during the mobilization day last Thursday.

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