VIDEO – Patrice Evra “disappointed” by his meeting with the Pope: he explains why

Received on the set of Telematin, this January 13, Patrice Evra remembered his meeting with the Pope. A sad memory for the 40-year-old athlete who hoped to have a better time …

Guest on the set of Telematin, this Thursday, January 13, Patrice Evra came to promote his autobiography I Love This Game, published on October 28. The opportunity for the former footballer of Manchester United to look back on the most significant events of his life. After having poured out relations, sometimes strained, which he spoke with some players of the France team, the 40-year-old athlete then remembered his meeting with the Pope.

Indeed, a few years ago, Patrice Evra – like all the other members of the France team – went to the Vatican for the goods of a match. They then had the opportunity to meet the Pope. A meeting that has a lot “disappointed”Patrice Evra. “It disappointed me because maybe you wanted to spend more time and talk a little more”, Recalled Lenny and Maona’s father, indicating that“the people who were around him”Made sure to shorten this meeting.

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A heavy secret

Invited, this time, on the set of C to You, on January 11, Patrice Evra also shared a heavy childhood memory. Faced with Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, the footballer now retired, gave himself up on the day he was sexually abused. “We’re talking about my school principal”, Specified the sportsman, before explaining:“Every night it was a nightmare as soon as the light goes out. I fought with him several times. At one point, I had to take the laces from my shoes to tie my pants, so that he wouldn’t succeed and the last night I spent, he succeeded. ”

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