VIDEO – Presidential 2022: Eric Zemmour thinks he can reach “500 signatures”

INTERVIEW – Invited by Ruth Elkrief this Wednesday evening on LCI, Eric Zemmour vilified Emmanuel Macron’s speech on Europe. And takes stock of his presidential campaign, for which he is approaching the fateful bar of 500 sponsorships.

“Sponsorships are accelerating.” Invited this Wednesday evening on LCI, Eric Zemmour was confident about the signatures of the mayors, “more than 350” having already given the green light for his candidacy. Here is what to remember from his passage on our antenna.

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On his referrals

Eric Zemmour assures him: he will have his signatures. “For a week, 15 days, sponsorships have been accelerating. We have exceeded 350, approaching 400. The mayors have understood the importance. I think we will get there. Because I am the only one who will unite the rights. There was a Guillaume Peltier effect among mayors.”

His vision of Europe

Invited to react to Emmanuel Macron’s speech on Wednesday, at a time when France takes over the EU presidency for six months, Eric Zemmour castigated the functioning of the latter. “We have to stop this way of the European Commission getting involved in everything”, estimated the candidate. And to add: “I am for a Europe of peoples and nations. (…) Emmanuel Macron is for a Europe of technocrats and judges”.We must stop the expansionism of the European Commission, which must stop meddling in everything”, estimated Eric Zemmour according to which “for 30 years, it has imposed rules that are not applicable.”

What happens if he is elected next April? “I am not leaving Europe or the euro. But things happen if I am elected: France will say that, concerning immigration, it suspends the rules, restores the borders, cancels the jus soli and family reunification, expels foreign delinquents… All this, I do it. I say : ‘Me, I no longer apply, I am France, a sovereign country’. I believe that many countries will agree with France. We can therefore modify the functioning of Europe. It would take years.”

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On his opponents on the right

Did he help soften the image of Marine Le Pen? “I am the only one who worries the system in this campaign. I see it in the attitude of the judges, the antifas, the media”, believes Eric Zemmour. “I am the candidate for reality, the only one who can unite the rights. Madame Pécresse does not want it, she has remained in the Chiraquian logic of the health border, Madame Le Pen cannot because LR voters do not don’t want to vote for her.”

On his legal agenda

On his legal agenda, Eric Zemmour is convinced: “It’s not surprising that this is happening (to him). I am the only dangerous candidate for the system. I am being given media cabals. You don’t find it strange that judges take up a case concerning a candidate for 3 months from the election?

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